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Rental Information

We are here to help and serve you any way we can. To help make your event as bright as possible, we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions with our rental service policy please contact us by call, text or email.

Thank You!

By confirming an order for rental service you automatically agree to all policies stated.


We offer special yard sign rentals for your special occasion. Yard greetings will be installed after 7:30PM a night before the event date and picked up the following evening. *Set up's for yard sign delivery are only at Night. If requesting a delivery for Day-Time, we have limited spots and only available on the weekend (F, Sa, Su) from 12PM-5PM at an additional cost.

Payment is due once all details for a yard sign have been confirmed. The invoice will then be sent by email or text message and is to be paid before delivery. The invoice will be sent to you by email or text message for the amount quoted for yard greeting rental. Please pay the invoice as soon as possible to reserve your spot, payment is due one day before delivery and if requesting extra time then no later than by 4PM on the day of yard sign delivery. Failure to pay by due date will be considered as if you are no longer interested in the yard greeting and all information will be discarded.

Once the rental products are delivered the service has officially been provided and no refunds will be given. 


Please read the following instructions carefully and make sure you follow them.



  • Please make sure that you water the yard, pretty much saturate the yard a couple hours prior to delivery.

  • Make sure to leave the front light ON, in order to identify the correct address.

  • No vehicles in front of where you want the sign, this is to ensure working space.

  • If dogs are on the property keep them away from the working area.


If you fail to follow these instructions we may not be able to place the yard greeting. This will result in a charge of $45 that will not be refunded from the paid amount.


Refund/ Cancellation Information: For a cancellation we require a minimum of a 48 hour notice before delivery of products and service, failure to do so will result in a charge.

  1. If you need to cancel for any reason and you have given a 48 hour notice, a full refund will be issued.

  2. If you cancel and don’t provide a minimum of a 48 hour notice, this will result in a charge of $45 that will not be refunded from the paid amount.


In the event of inclement weather, we may not be able to set up any yard greeting displays. You will be notified and two options will be given.

  • An event date adjustment can be made.

  • Receive a full refund for the yard greeting.


Additional Rental Information:

No lawn service is to be done while the sign is on display. Please don’t move or change anything from the set up. If the sign must be removed please call us to pick it up immediately.

DO NOT: throw away, vandalize, move, remove or keep any of the display signs for any purpose. All yard signs are the property of Bright Yard Greetings, you will be responsible for any missing signs or any damages to the signs. 

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