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Balloon Bouquet

Balloon bouquet is great for gifting on all spacial occasions like a birthday, anniversary, graduation and more. Customizable gift balloon bouquet for your special occasion.

This product is custom ordered. You can customize the wording on the balloon and Include a personalized tag message on arrangement at no additional cost

Bubble Balloon Bouquet (Price Vary by style)

From$110+ - REG Bouquet w/ Chocolates. 

From$55+ - MINI Bouquet w/ Confetti Fitting Only 

Our Regular ballon size is 14" wide and the complete arrangement is 20" tall.

Our MINI ballon size is 9" wide and the complete arrangement is 15" tall.

***Color of the MINI round bouquet box is WHITE only for this product***

Custom Product

Every product is custom order. Please provide as much detailed information as you can when filling out the order form. Every product is created based on preference, we do not re-sale the same product but we can re-create it as close to it. It will take minimum of 3-4 days before it is ready to be delivered. Please make sure that you plan ahead, we do not take rush orders.


The balloon does not contain helium gas, only regular air. It can stay inflated for weeks but it can deflate slightly.  The length of full deflation depends on the altitude, temperature. humidity, direct sun light and any conditions that it is exposed to. Please avoid any sharp objects near the balloon at all times. 

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